I & R Partners, Inc.

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The GaugeFlex brand is a suite of hardware and software products designed for simple, flexible and cost-effective data collections solutions.

About I & R Partners

I & R Partners, Inc. is a manufacturer of data collection systems. We specialize in the collection and analysis of data from a multitude of measurement devices. We have helped countless manufacturers solve their quality problems in almost every sector of industry. Automotive, Aerospace, Woodworking, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Food, and many other industries have been able to greatly reduce their waste, while improving their quality, through the use of our data collection products. Our goal is to place the information necessary to control the process in the hands of the operator for immediate attention. This is our definition of real time process control. Our solutions can be tailored to meet each company’s individual needs, though most often they are a good fit right out of the box. I & R Partners is known for their willingness to listen and respond to the feedback of our customers, partners, and distributors. This betters the experience for all with our flexible solutions. We will continually innovate as our world around us changes. We are committed to giving our customers the tools necessary to collect today's data, which prepares you for tomorrow's success … “because Lean always starts at the WASTE.”

President / CEO
Paul Iannello Sr has a long history in the field of Quality Control data collection. As a graduate Mechanical Engineer from the Rochester Institute of Technology, he started his career in Quality Control in 1986 with Quality Measurement Systems in Rochester, NY. After designing and building his own data collector called the SPC Sentry, his company was purchased by Verax Systems where he became their VP of Sales & Marketing and a board member. After four years of doubling sales, and a joint venture he structured with Dataputer of Manchester England, Verax was purchased by Moore Data Systems. Paul then became the Midwest Regional Sales Manager for GageTalker. With so many years in the data collection industry, Paul had the knowledge to deliver what the industry demanded and needed. Since 2004, I & R Partners has been the byproduct of all this.

Chief Operations Officer
Jarvis Stubblefield started in the information technology industry in 1998 by first building PC's and working through software design and engineering. He joined the team in 2006 as a software engineer. Since that time Jarvis has earned opportunities to design and build new systems. Many of the unique features found in the GaugeFlex lineup of data collection products were invented by Jarvis due to his vast knowledge of innovative technologies. His ability to apply this knowledge to the challenges I & R Partners and their customers have faced, is why he was offered the COO position in 2010.