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The GaugeFlex brand is a suite of hardware and software products designed for simple, flexible and cost-effective data collections solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many WrenchFlex tools can connect to a single data collector?
    • There is virtually no limit on the number to a single data collector. The limit is being able to collect from only one WrenchFlex tool or other gauge at a time.
  2. What is the maximum distance the 900MHz wireless gauging can transmit in any direction?
    • Interference with the floor (concrete), machinery (metal), and walls (block, or metal) are the biggest factors that hinder the transmission distance. Typically we see 75-100 feet in industrial environments. This can be extended by a mesh network of transmitters or larger¬†antennas.
  3. Will the GaugeFlex Lean+ data collectors read our bar codes?
    • The GaugeFlex Lean+ can read the majority of all one-dimensional and two-dimensional (optional upgrade) bar codes in existence.
  4. What happens if the GaugeFlex Lean+ data collectors get out of range of the transceiver when networking back to a PC?
    • The GaugeFlex Lean+ can store up to 1.75GBs of collected data before it will¬†need to be back in range or docked to the PC to download the data.
  5. What happens if I drop it on the floor?
    • The GaugeFlex Lean+ data collectors are at least IP54 rated which gives them a drop rating from at least 3feet to concrete multiple times. So what happens is it will still work. However if it's outside the normal range of footage dropped it may cause some issues.
  6. What happens if it gets wet? Submersed?
    • The GaugeFlex Lean+ data collectors are NOT water proof. They are water and chemical resistant, but cannot last indefinitely. If you submerse your data collector please contact us immediately to ensure nothing has been harmed.
  7. How many traceability fields can I have for a single inspection?
    • The collection of traceability fields is not limited. Date and Time is automatically collected with each data point collected including traceability fields.
  8. Can my operator bypass inputting the information which has been set to be required?
    • When traceability or other information is required to be input before moving on there is no way around it.
  9. What types of data does the GaugeFlex System collect?
    • Binary and Variable data collection types. We are working on a more complex Binary type as well as implementing Attribute feature types.
  10. How many inspection points can I have in a single inspection routine?
    • You can have a virtually unlimited number of features/characteristics/inspection points. This is more limited by your process than the software's ability.
  11. How many gauges can be interfaced at one time?
    • The GaugeFlex Lean+ data collectors can only collect from ONE gauge at a time. However you can have multiple gauges hooked into a multiplexer so you wouldn't have to swap out cables. You can also use our 900MHz wireless gauging solution to have more than one gauge 'connected' to a collector. Having more connected to the handheld doesn't mean you can collect from more than one gauge at a time.
  12. What types of gauges can be interfaced to the GaugeFlex System?
    • We interface to a large variety of gauges. We have yet to find a gauge with an output that we're unable to workout a solution for.
  13. Will the 900MHz Wireless system interfere with our robotics?
    • Our 900MHz solution was developed out of a need to have wireless gauging in a 2.4GHz banned environment. We have not encountered any bans on the 900MHz range.
  14. Do the GaugeFlex data collectors have Bluetooth radios?
    • Yes. We're still testing their connectivity to gauging and how that can interface with our software.
  15. Does the GaugeFlex data collectors allow connection to our WiFi Network?
    • Yes the handhelds all have a WiFi card pre-installed. You are able to configure it using the Summit Client Utility.
  16. What happens if the battery in the GaugeFlex data collector dies? What happens to my data?
    • When your battery dies, the first safety is a backup battery that continues to run your memory with just enough to not erase the volatile sections of memory. The second safety is that we install and store the software and data on a 2GB SD memory card. This memory card is a non-volatile section of memory and requires no power to maintain it's storage.
  17. How long does the battery in the GaugeFlex data collector last under normal operation?
    • Under normal operating procedures (some scanning, WiFi connected, etc) it should last between 8-12hours.
  18. Can I use a bar code to open a new inspection?
    • The software has a shortcut key you use to open the "open inspection" window in which you can scan a barcode of the inspection name to open it automatically.
  19. Can I use the GaugeFlex data collectors to do other data collection such as Inventory Control, Shipping / Receiving, and Production?
    • The GaugeFlex Lean+ data collectors use a Windows CE operating system, and as such there is a lot of software available for purchase that can collect a lot of different types of data. We do not lock down the system.
  20. Can I show the screen of the GaugeFlex data collector on a larger monitor?
    • We have recently developed the ability to use the WiFi network to display the screen of the handheld on an external display. (Additional hardware necessary)
  21. How will the operator know that the inspection is going out of control?
    • The handheld will currently display warnings when the inspection is going out of control. It will beep and flash the screen. We're looking into being able to vibrate the handheld as well.
  22. Can I have images per feature?
    • Yes you can have 1 image for each feature.
  23. What type of images can I use? (Image formats)
    • Bitmap (BMP), JPEG (JPG), TIFF (TIF), GIF (GIF), Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
  24. Can I use a CAD file for the image?
    • Currently the software doesn't support using a CAD drawing file for the images.
  25. What if I cannot collect on all of my characteristics at once? Can I collect partial data and return later to finish?
    • We're working out a system where you will be able to collect in that manner.