Is It Possible To Get Infected While Visiting The Grand Prairie, Texas Hospital?

It is possible to get infected while visiting the Grand Prairie, Texas hospital? This place of medicine and healing shouldn’t be, but it can happen.

The Center for Disease Control reports that the fourth most common cause of fatality among American citizens is actually hospital-based infections. Why in the world would infections play such a leading role in hospital deaths in a country that leads the planet in both technology and use of antibiotics? Overuse of those antibiotics might be one thing causing overwhelming infections given how bacteria are getting resistant to antibiotics.

In quite a few hospitals, it’s common practice for all patients in operating rooms to undergo prophylactic antibiotic therapy ahead of their surgery. In fact, patients commonly request antibiotics for anything and everything ailing them.

When hospitals are supposed to be safe and clean environments, what causes infections? It’s almost like something Dickens wrote. Hospitals historically have been filthy, irrespective of how much disinfecting and cleaning has taken place. There are many people there with numerous ailments and diseases, making it nearly impossible to keep any hard surfaces clean, much less the soft ones, such as pillows, drapes, carpets, and mattresses. The carpet in a patient’s room might just be one of the grossest things you’ll ever see. Washing hands is crucial in the fight against nosicomical infection, yet in many cases, it just doesn’t happen. Doctors making the rounds among their patients that don’t wash their hands are as disgusting as they are dangerous. And yet, it happens all the time. Even using vinyl or latex gloves isn’t safe unless a wearer is washing their hands between their changes.

The collection of dust on furniture, stretchers, and shelves can also prove to be a potential source of disease. If you want a real treasure trove of bacteria, then the operating room is where to go. Bloodborne bacteria can be found here. When there is rapid turnover in cases, it can mean a substandard terminal cleaning of surfaces. Sometimes, patients notice blood in not so obvious places like overhead spot lights.

Contamination from one patient to the next, poor ventilation, improper cleaning, and a void of hand-washing all represent potential sources of bacterial infection.

The physicians, nurses, technicians, and staff of the Grand Prairie, Texas hospital are dedicated professionals that know how to avoid hospital infections and work diligently to do so every chance they get. Still, they are humans who occasionally make mistakes, so be on the lookout for warning signs on your own and advocate for yourself or loved one whenever need be.

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