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The GaugeFlex brand is a suite of hardware and software products designed for simple, flexible and cost-effective data collections solutions.


GaugFlex and WrenchFlexWrenchFlex (June 2012) - If you are a torque enthusiast, I am sure you have noticed the recent evolution of the torque wrench. Manufacturers of torque wrenches are trying to put everything but the kitchen sink inside their wrenches. They now collect data, hold spec limits, compute statistics, collect and network wirelessly, and read barcodes. They have become very powerful and with that very costly. Unfortunately, there are just some things you are not going to be able to get into a wrench, such as control charts, pictures, attribute

(defects), binary (Go/NoGo), collect from any electronic gauge, and the ability to run other programs simultaneously. With the cost of these “smart” wrenches reaching and exceeding five figures, something had to be done to continue providing manufacturers with the most innovative tools to perform their duties affordably. Read more...

Automotive Industries (January 2012) - In a breakthrough for wireless real-time data collection on the factory floor, a new South American assembly plant has chosen a combination of the GaugeFlex wireless data collection system developed by I&R Partners, and rugged mobile computers from Janam Technologies.

The GaugeFlex system collects variable data using digital torque wrenches with a wireless transceiver, with data sent wirelessly to a mobile Janam XM60+. From there, the data is transferred across the wireless network to the host PC. Calipers, micrometers and any other digital or serial measurement instruments can also be connected wirelessly. Read more...