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The GaugeFlex brand is a suite of hardware and software products designed for simple, flexible and cost-effective data collections solutions.


I & R Partners started with the DC-Stat software and hardware solution of products to collect shop floor gauging data. After many years with the same handheld data collectors and software that could no longer keep up with the demands, I & R Partners invested in it's next data collection solution.

GaugeFlex is a suite of hardware and software products designed for simple, flexible, and cost-effective data collection solutions. The purpose of our systems is to provide an immediate snapshot of the manufacturing process. Initially, this enables the operator to perform the necessary tasks to ensure process control, thus helping to maintain the lowest cost of quality. Afterward, our products provide the necessary tools to perform corporate manufacturing decisions to remain competitive in a global economy.

We have continued to evolve our software and hardware product offerings. Below is a list of the current products that we're developing actively.

• GaugeFlex Controller - Inspection creation, Data management, Data transformation, Analyze collected data
• GaugeFlex ShopFloor - Has a PC and Handheld version for collecting data from gauges, bar codes, manual entry, and other methods.
• GaugeFlex Lean+ Handhelds - Industrially rated and rugged handhelds for the toughest of environments.
• GaugeFlex 900MHz Networking and Wireless gauging.
• GaugeFlex External display technology.
• GaugeFlex WrenchFlex - Assembly torque wrench specifically tailored for our system.