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The GaugeFlex brand is a suite of hardware and software products designed for simple, flexible and cost-effective data collections solutions.

GaugeFlex Software

We chose to build our software using Windows as our base operating system. We have developed the software with the end user in mind. We strive to ensure our software isn't just simple, but intuitive as well. GaugeFlex Software will make your life easier and integrate into your workflow, not hinder it.

The Microsoft Windows CE mobile operating system allows for you to install a wide range of software allowing you to use our handhelds and systems for multiple purposes throughout your entire facility. This allows you to use one mobile computer to manage all your different data collection needs! Your operators will be familiar as they move around the plant, as the mobile computer can be the same everywhere. Just the software on the system would be different. Due to the 1D and 2D barcoding capabilities this unit can be used in the following areas:

• Inventory
• Warehousing
• Quality Control
• Process Control
• Assembly
• Production
• and many more...