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The GaugeFlex brand is a suite of hardware and software products designed for simple, flexible and cost-effective data collections solutions.


Hi-Lex North American Headquarters

“I wish to tell you that with the DC-9005 our SPC technician now has the ability to monitor and report on issues regarding process characteristics with supporting data for evidence with extreme speed.  In the past this was a three step process requiring around a half hour of her time; the time is now cut by more than two thirds."

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America Inc.

“The entire team at I&R Partners has been very supportive and I look forward to working with them again in the future. Their performance as well as that of the DC-9005 is the reason I recommend I & R Partners at every opportunity.”

Electrolux USA

“[Before using the DC-9005] the biggest dangers were that there were great possibilities that those pulling the files would possibly pull the wrong file, thus meaning time would be wasted in having to retrieve the proper file OR some body would be measuring the wrong dimensions on any given part.”

Toyota Motor Manufacturing

“The tool is working great and we have only begun to scratch the surface of the capabilities. We are using it for our daily body measurements including gap and levelness and we have already got the CSV files set up to transfer to our graphs.”

Yale Commercial Hardware and Locks

"We have reduced our scrap by 80% and our rework by 60%. The system has easily paid for itself within the first 2 months of using it.”